Manifesto Series: "Fireflies Climb The Oaks"


At night, when things are winding down, I step outside on our deck and just listen; just watch. The fireflies are plentiful this year, and as midsummer approaches their frenzy increases until their bioluminescence overpowers the night sky. As the night deepens, they begin to climb to the tops of the oak trees that loom over our home.

This work is 18X24" on archival gessoboard. It uses numerous techniques, including hand painting, pouring and a bit of splatter. The paint is infused with gold, copper and silver. The painting is unframed.

If you'd like more information about how fireflies do what they do, take a look here:

Fireflies: Study of fireflies in June

The fireflies migrate to the tops of the oaks after about 9:00 pm. I wish I knew what they were planning. It's been humid, hot and the days filled with downpours, one after the other. Maybe they're trying to escape the earth? 4X6" on archival canvas board.


DaVinci Piaffe Horse As A Tattoo!!

Well, this is a new one! My DaVinci Piaffe horse as a tattoo - a big one at that! Far braver than I....never thought I'd see the day.

Interested in prints? Please click here (not quite so dramatic):

 Tattooed DaVinci Piaffe horse (!)

Tattooed DaVinci Piaffe horse (!)

Original DaVinci Piaffe Horse