Winner of the 2017 Art Giveaway Contest!


Thank you all (well over fifty) people who entered the 2017 Art Giveaway Contest. The official winner is:

Darla McDowell of the beautiful state of Texas

Congratulations Darla!

I was overwhelmed with the response to the contest - so much so that I would like to offer the other entrants the opportunity to own one of my originals.

I am beginning a new body of work as my style and size of work is ever-changing. Along the way I have accumulated work and would like to make room for my next group of paintings. The works range from sketches, to drawings, to watercolors and original oils.

If you entered the contest, the only thing I ask is that you pay for the mailing. The cost is a flat $3.00, paid using Paypal. The $3.00 covers the mailing envelope, the backing material, the postage and my time to prepare the shipment. I'm not making any money on this!

In order to follow up on your interest I will need the Paypal payment, your email and your address. In no way do I share your personal information! If you can't use Paypal please contact me via email to see if we can arrange for another method of Payment.

FYI I will not be able to ship until starting in mid-Februay, 2018 as I'm taking a month to do nothing but paint. 

Thank you again for participating! It is wonderful there are so many people that love and appreciate art! Please let me know if you have any questions as I'm pretty much always able to answer them.

Best, Catherine

Art Collector: "Buck Mountain Vineyards" by Twomey

Thank you to the collector of "Buck Mountain Vineyards":


"Buck Mountain Vineyards" by C. Twomey

"Buck Mountain Vineyards" by C. Twomey

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To purchase prints of my work, please click: Fine Art America

I greatly appreciate your business and support!

Happy Holidays and New Years!

Nothing To Lose! Original Art Giveaway!

Original Art Giveaway!

Catherine Twomey LLCinvites you to enter to win this $400.00 value original oil painting.

In the spirit of the season:

Win This Original "Liquid Gladiolus II" oil painting!

"Liquid Gladiolus II" will be awarded in a random drawing.

The deadline is December 22, 2017.

Click HERE to fill out the simple form to enter.

The Painting

“Liquid Gladiolus II” is an original oil painting on 9X12″ archival linen board by award winning artist Catherine Twomey. The gladiolus were from my garden. The painting is unframed.


One entry per person. Duplicate entries will be removed.

  • Entries must be submitted by 11:59pm ECT on 12.22.2017. Entries received after this time will not be counted.

  • If the winner can not be reached within five (5) days, a new winner will be chosen at random.

  • The winner will be announced on my blog on 12.27.17 and will be notified by email.

  • Shipping is free! I will ship by January 2, 2018.

As always, thank you for your business, loyalty, and support.


All two of us (and two pups) at Catherine Twomey LLC


Randy Highbee Gallery Show Participant!

The very competitive show is an annual event, with nationally-recognized artists and a wide variety of works. The works are framed and ready to hang.


My work has been accepted into the Randy Highbee 6X6" Squared competition. Please click:


to view my work and/or purchase it. Thanks for your interest!

Annual Equestrian Print Sale in on Now!

NOW is the time to purchase these extraordinary, award winning, accurate equestrian prints. Please click:


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Thank you for your interest.

"DaVinci Horse Canter" by C. Twomey, enlargement

"DaVinci Horse Canter" by C. Twomey, enlargement

Randy Highbee Gallery 6X6" Squared Art Show!


Excited to be a part of this show! Three paintings now on exhibit and available for purchase. This is "Balls of Glass" (get it?) and is framed in a beautiful gold floater frame, ready to hang. 

Here's my link for purchasing:

Thank you for your interest!

DaVinci Horse Lovers! Prints On Sale for Holidays!

Now is the time to order this series of prints! Click:


These highly researched, award-winning and carefully drawn pieces are in the Leonardo DaVinci style, yet are contemporary. They make a beautiful edition to any decor with their quality and elegance. The are available on a wide range of surface, from paper to canvas to metal. They can be unframed or framed, it's your choice!

Thank you for your interest! Means a lot.


Sample of DaVinci Walk, Trot and Canter on display in a board room.

Gallery Invite, Washington DC Area! Show To Be Announced.

Exciting news! Out of the blue I have been asked to join a high quality gallery in Frederick, MD (the metro Washington, DC area). Very flattered and ready to get to work to produce the needed work! They're especially interested in my florals and still lives - can't wait to get going on them! 

Award Winning Gallery Represented STUDIO SALE Artist C. Twomey

ANNUAL STUDIO SALE!!! Original oil paintings by an award winning, gallery-represented artist:

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"East Fall Blue Ridge 4.0" by C. Twomey 

"East Fall Blue Ridge 4.0" by C. Twomey 

Eight different equine/horse prints are available for sale


"DaVinci Canter Revealed" print

"DaVinci Canter Revealed" print

Questions? Please feel free to contact me at

Thank you!


ANNUAL STUDIO SALE!!! Eight Different Equine/Horse Prints Are Available For Sale

STUDIO SALE ONCE A YEAR ONLY!!! Eight different equine/horse prints!

To purchase, click HERE

"The DaVinci Horse's Canter Revealed"

"The DaVinci Horse's Canter Revealed"


"WTC: Walk, Trot, Canter the Horse's Gaits Revealed" print

"WTC: Walk, Trot, Canter the Horse's Gaits Revealed" print

Questions? Please feel free to contact me at

Thank you!

"Appearently So" A Trio of Boscs, Original Oil by C. Twomey

"Appearently So" by C. Twomey, 9 X 12" original oil

"Appearently So" by C. Twomey, 9 X 12" original oil

It's that time of year, and I found this trio of Bosc pears at the local grocery and had to paint them. I loved the spots, and the orangish glow throughout. The paint is lush; the colors strong and beautifully, carefully layered. This is an original oil, sized 12'W X 9"H. It is painted on archival linen from RayMar.

My painting process is to first layer in a warm color, like burnt sienna, onto white linen canvas. With that thin layer still wet, I wipe out the lightest areas, which later provides luminosity and usually is enough to define the shapes. Next, I apply the lightest and then darkest areas, which helps to establish the values and colors. Finally middle tones and more detailed areas are applied, always looking to harmonize the colors, refine the drawing and focus on the center of interest.

The painting has been varnished and will be carefully packaged by me. Please note that the painting is not framed.

BREAKING NEWS! I’ve just been notified that three of my paintings have been accepted for the highly competitive Randy Highbee 6X6 Squared exhibition in Los Angeles, CA. I'm very honored and excited to participate in this show featuring top nationwide artists.

About Me

I've been painting since 2008. Up until then, I honed my drawing and painting skills by practicing as a Certified Medical Illustrator. My blogs have been viewed by over 70,000 people worldwide, and I have over 2,000 followers on Facebook on Catherine Twomey Art. 

I proud and happy to write that I've just been notified that three of my paintings have been accepted for the highly competitive Randy Highbee 6X6 Squared exhibition in Los Angeles, CA. I'm very honored and excited to participate in this show featuring top nationwide artists.

My paintings are of a variety of subjects and sizes, ranging from 4 X5" up to 18 X 24" or greater. Each painting is carefully considered, sometimes in a series or in a similar approach to the subject matter. What's most important is that each painting is defined by the moment it is created. Whether it reflects a mood, or a moment, or something so beautiful it had to be painted; my soul goes into each stroke, color choice, composition and execution. Having studied Japanese Art for my Master's Thesis, I instinctively incorporate the Japanese respect for careful presentation and finishing, personally varnishing and packaging the work

My artwork has been featured at the world renowned TED (Technology, Education and Design) conference (TED MED in San Diego, on huge high definition screens throughout the exhibition center).


I accept Paypal payments. This painting is currently drying, so it won't be shipped for about three weeks. I personally varnish, wrap and ship the painting to ensure a successful delivery.

Additional recent news: 

• Accepted into the highly competitive Randy Highbee 6X6 Squared exhibition in Los Angeles, CA

• Medicine Illuminated Exhibition at the Lloyd Museum; 2015: Juried exhibition from the museum's collection.

• Finalist in the Giliola Gamerini Award International Competition, 2015. 

• My oil paintings were featured on the inside cover and an article spread of Wine & Country Living magazine; the paintings were purchased for the publisher's collection and magazine featured at Barnes and Noble Booksellers, 2015. In addition,

• I won the nationally acclaimed ArtInPlace competition in Virginia which placed a 12' X 24' mural on aluminum of my work, now seen by thousands of commuters daily. 

• Two museums currently house my art: The William H. Benton Museum in Connecticut, and The LLoyd Museum in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was a great honor to be asked to exhibit and I continue to add to their collections. Speaking of collections, my work is a part of hundreds of private collections worldwide.

• Medicine Illuminated Exhibition at the Lloyd Museum; 2015: Juried exhibition from the museum's collection.

• The Lloyd Museum now has over 100 original pieces of my artwork in it’s collection.


Studio Sale by Twomey!

"Liquid Gladiolus 1.0" by Catherine Twomey 

It's that time of year again. Beginning tomorrow, November 9, I am having a Studio Sale that is unparalelled! Original artworks are going to be 40% off until December 6. You can purchase through my website at:

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In addition, I am offering 40% off my popular DaVinci Series of equine paintings thru Fine Art America at:

Now is the time to take advantage of some incredible deals that just won't happen again.

Thank you so much for your support and interest! It's greatly appreciated.