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Through this series I'm expressing my concern about the earth and environment. With waves of plastic descending on ocean shores, when will something be done? We revere nature, we worship the sun and the ocean and the mountains - yet we don't appreciated it's fragility and vulnerability. But perhaps I'm preaching to the choir?

Auction ending soon:


May 25 & 26, 2019 - Kenilworth Art Studio Tour!

Very excited to take part in this tour! If you have a chance, come by - I’ll have originals, prints, oils, acrylics, drawings, etc.!


Sold Print, "Blue Ridge Cloud Shadows" C. Twomey Award Winning Art

"Jessie's Girl" Commission Completed

“Jessie’s Girl” 18X24” Commission

“Jessie’s Girl” 18X24” Commission

This very special art was created to hang in the office of a therapist who works with women who have eating disorders. The concept of self-love looms large, and the gold and copper swirls in the hair are a Celtic symbol that represents the strength of women. Acrylic on archival panel, with copper, gold and silver.