"Grace Vineyards No. 1" by Twomey

"Grace Vineyards No. 1" by C. Twomey
"Grace Vineyards No. 1", oil on linen board, 6 X 6", C. Twomey
 Just finished this piece. Starting to really get the luminosity I've been looking for. I'm thinking of putting this up for auction, but can't decide just yet. I remember this early fall day, standing and looking over the vines and fields and thinking it was heaven. Or heaven equivalent, depending upon what floats your boat. 

Grace Vineyards is considered a new kid on the block, even though it's heritage traces back to the Magna Carta. The wineries are getting more and more competitive around here; and the wines are getting better.

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C. Twomey original oils

Twomey oils for sale
Sampling of Original, Framed Oils for Sale!


Take advantage of the holidays to claim a one-of-a-kind artwork by an award-winning artist (ArtInPlace, TED, William Benton museum, RX Club, and private collections worldwide).

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A Successful Tour! Thank You!

Thanks to so many who came to see my art on Saturday. It was wonderful to talk art, and it amazed me how much people knew and cared about. 

I have been asked to show again at Mud Dauber Pottery in Earlysville, VA and am working on getting into another show at a downtown gallery.

Your support is priceless and irreplaceable. Thank you.

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