Thank You To The Collector In Achim, Germany! "Da Vinci Horse In Piaffe" by C. Twomey

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Catherine Twomey sold a 24" x 36" print of da Vinci Horse in Piaffe.


da Vinci Horse in Piaffe

Commissioned for the cover of the "United States Dressage Federation" magazine Connections, it was inspired by "The Vitruvian Man" by Leaonardo da Vinci circa 1487. This could be considered the "Canon of Proportions" for the horse performing the dressage movement piaffe. It is based on the correlations of ideal horse proportions with geometry. It exemplifies the blend of art and science during the Renaissance. 

Winning painting/illustration of the American Horse Publications Annual Awards, First Place in Illustration for "Da Vinci Horse", 2007. This print shows an anatomically accurate transparent horse and skeleton.

"The Instinctive Pirouette" C.Twomey Original Painting


Original 12X12” acrylic on stretched canvas. For sale, make an offer! This is a lippizan stallion performing at Temple Farms in Wadsworth, Il. It is a work in hand dressage movement training the horse to use it’s hindquarters.

Classic Equestrian/Horse Prints by C. Twomey

“Walk, Trot, Canter: The Horses Gaits Revealed”

“Walk, Trot, Canter: The Horses Gaits Revealed”

Thank you to the collector who recently purchased all three, walk, trot and canter!

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"DaVinci Horse Canter" by C. Twomey, enlargement

"DaVinci Horse Canter" by C. Twomey, enlargement

Donating Instead of Gifting: A Great Idea!

Donating Instead of Gifting: A Great Idea!

This year, instead of giving each other things we no longer need or want, my family has decided to donate to causes we believe in. 

This holiday season, I've donated to:

The American Brain Foundation

The Reporter's Committee for Freedom of the Press

Hope's Legacy Equine Rescue

Good causes, every one of them. And a huge thank you to those who have purchased my art so I could donate to Hopes Legacy Equine Rescue. It's nice to feel optimistic again about the world.


The Buyer: "I love it! It's exactly what I wanted" Horse print by C. Twomey

Print sold last night on, "WTC: Walk, Trot and Canter, The Horse's Gaits Revealed" by C. Twomey ©2016.

"WTC: Walk, Trot and Canter the Horse's Gaits Revealed" by C. Twomey ©2016

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Helping The Neighbors

Photo of Wakefield Farm

If you're a horse person and you're in a place that snows, then you know how tough winter is. If you're a neighbor and you reach out to know those in your neighborhood, then you know how rewarding that can be. The last couple of weeks a neighborly crisis, the snow and reaping the rewards have merged.
I live next to a 35 acre horse farm, and I've come to know the people who run it as well as ride there. Three weeks ago my trainer was on a flighty horse who spooked, then decided to turn into a rodeo horse. My trainer flew six or so feet in the air as the mare leaped, then somehow she landed full force upright. In an instant, her heel, lower leg/tibia and kneecap were shattered and/or displaced. Two surgeries later, she's now recovering and will be for months.
In the meantime, 20+ horses need care and their caretaker is broken in bed. As much as I can, I've headed over to knock the ice out of frozen water buckets, muck stalls, and shuffle the horses back and forth to their pastures. I haven't been painting as much as I'd like, but that has to wait.
Lots of other neighbors and friends have stepped up and helped. Unfortunately, a few conspicuous potential helpers have not stepped up. At all. Here in the South, religion oozes through some. I've noticed they're often the ones who judge the hardest and help the least.
Spring will come. We'll forget how hard these weeks are and cherish how the hard times brought us together. To know how to appreciate this is a gift without strings. Or judgements.

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C. Twomey original oils

Twomey oils for sale
Sampling of Original, Framed Oils for Sale!


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Huckstep's Garage Original Oil On Sale

Once a year savings on original paintings and prints by award winning artist Catherine Twomey.

 Huckstep's Garage Twomey Oil Painting
Huckstep's Garage; oil; C. Twomey
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Sneak Preview, Equine Sculpture

Here is a first preview of a sculpture (equine ecorche) in the planning stages. It's been a long time coming, but finally the timing is right. I've worked out the skeletal system, cervical region. I've studied the muscles, origins and insertions as well as the proper bend at the poll. Yes, this is going to be the "This is how your horse should look" sculpture, the first in a series comparing correct versus incorrect riding. It is very exciting to finally have arrived here, and I've got a sample of the porcelain I'll think I'll be working in.

At the moment, the other side of the head and neck will be aesthetically realistic. I'm thinking this will be the size of a bookend, and can be used as a teaching tool and/or as art. Cannot wait to get sculpting!

"In The Master's Hand" Oil on Canvas

In Hand Dressage With The Young Horse
In The Master's Hand
Been working diligently on this commissioned piece, and starting to get it to the stage where I'm satisfied. The light has been a challenge but I'm starting to like the warmest color on the horse's hind end, as well as the tail highlights. I've also emphasized the little "flip" at the bottom of the tail that emphasizes the cadence of this dressage movement.

I love the attempts by this young warmblood gelding to piaffe by lifting his left hind as high as his right front foot. That, and the fact that the trainer patiently waits for the response to his aids. There is nothing quick and easy about dressage, but patience certainly helps and this image shows that.