Thank You To The Collector In Achim, Germany! "Da Vinci Horse In Piaffe" by C. Twomey

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Catherine Twomey sold a 24" x 36" print of da Vinci Horse in Piaffe.


da Vinci Horse in Piaffe

Commissioned for the cover of the "United States Dressage Federation" magazine Connections, it was inspired by "The Vitruvian Man" by Leaonardo da Vinci circa 1487. This could be considered the "Canon of Proportions" for the horse performing the dressage movement piaffe. It is based on the correlations of ideal horse proportions with geometry. It exemplifies the blend of art and science during the Renaissance. 

Winning painting/illustration of the American Horse Publications Annual Awards, First Place in Illustration for "Da Vinci Horse", 2007. This print shows an anatomically accurate transparent horse and skeleton.

Classic Equestrian/Horse Prints by C. Twomey

“Walk, Trot, Canter: The Horses Gaits Revealed”

“Walk, Trot, Canter: The Horses Gaits Revealed”

Thank you to the collector who recently purchased all three, walk, trot and canter!

DaVinci Piaffe Horse As A Tattoo!!

Well, this is a new one! My DaVinci Piaffe horse as a tattoo - a big one at that! Far braver than I....never thought I'd see the day.

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Tattooed DaVinci Piaffe horse (!)

Tattooed DaVinci Piaffe horse (!)

Original DaVinci Piaffe Horse

ANNUAL STUDIO SALE!!! Eight Different Equine/Horse Prints Are Available For Sale

STUDIO SALE ONCE A YEAR ONLY!!! Eight different equine/horse prints!

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"The DaVinci Horse's Canter Revealed"

"The DaVinci Horse's Canter Revealed"


"WTC: Walk, Trot, Canter the Horse's Gaits Revealed" print

"WTC: Walk, Trot, Canter the Horse's Gaits Revealed" print

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