Bank of the Arts Competition Acceptance!

"Electric Storm Approaching"; acrylic; 12X12"; infused with silver, gold and copper

"Electric Storm Approaching"; acrylic; 12X12"; infused with silver, gold and copper

Pleased to announce this piece has been accepted into the national juried show, "Bank of the Arts." Almost 600 works were entered, only a few over 100 were accepted.

About the painting: That moment when you sense a nasty storm about to reach you, but you have no intention of moving. The electricity is in the air, there's no where to go, yet still you can't move. This is an acrylic painting, 12X12", original with pouring and hand painting.

Don't Steal My Work.

It's happened again, so I have a very good reason to post this: 

Do NOT Steal My Work.

It you were in a store and caught thefting, you would be arrested then sentenced. If I hired a plumber, or doctor, or handy person - pretty much anyone - I would have to pay them for their services or I would suffer the consequences.

Taking my registered, copyrighted artwork without my permission is the same thing. You are taking my hard earned money out of my pocket, and I will pursue you for that.

To all of those who take the time to contact, license or purchase from me - thank you. Your integrity is greatly appreciated, as is YOUR hard earned cash.

The latest image stolen:

"Da Vinci Horse Piaffe" C. Twomey; ©2015 Catherine Twomey • All Rights Reserved

The fine: a minimum of $2000.00

Want to license my work? Try this:

phone: 434-326-5781

Don't even try to tell me you couldn't find me, or that there was no copyright mark on the image.