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Through this series I'm expressing my concern about the earth and environment. With waves of plastic descending on ocean shores, when will something be done? We revere nature, we worship the sun and the ocean and the mountains - yet we don't appreciated it's fragility and vulnerability. But perhaps I'm preaching to the choir?

Auction ending soon:


Dreaming Beyond Cancer

Watercolor by Catherine Twomey
Dreaming Ocean

I had to get out the paints this morning to get down a dream vision. What a contrast my dreams have been lately to those before September 18, when kidney cancer was still a part of my husband's body. From dark and unsettling to calm, beautiful, light and well, dreamy - I much prefer the most recent dreams.

This is a watercolor on Arches watercolor paper. The swelling wave behind the breaking one brings an anticipatory tension to the seascape. It's difficult to describe the sense of relief we carry today, and how previously "critical" problems have been minimized.