Winner of the 2017 Art Giveaway Contest!


Thank you all (well over fifty) people who entered the 2017 Art Giveaway Contest. The official winner is:

Darla McDowell of the beautiful state of Texas

Congratulations Darla!

I was overwhelmed with the response to the contest - so much so that I would like to offer the other entrants the opportunity to own one of my originals.

I am beginning a new body of work as my style and size of work is ever-changing. Along the way I have accumulated work and would like to make room for my next group of paintings. The works range from sketches, to drawings, to watercolors and original oils.

If you entered the contest, the only thing I ask is that you pay for the mailing. The cost is a flat $3.00, paid using Paypal. The $3.00 covers the mailing envelope, the backing material, the postage and my time to prepare the shipment. I'm not making any money on this!

In order to follow up on your interest I will need the Paypal payment, your email and your address. In no way do I share your personal information! If you can't use Paypal please contact me via email to see if we can arrange for another method of Payment.

FYI I will not be able to ship until starting in mid-Februay, 2018 as I'm taking a month to do nothing but paint. 

Thank you again for participating! It is wonderful there are so many people that love and appreciate art! Please let me know if you have any questions as I'm pretty much always able to answer them.

Best, Catherine