Auction Ending Late Sunday: "East Fall Blue Ridge No.4"

Auction Ending Late Sunday: "East Fall Blue Ridge No.4"

"East Fall Blue Ridge"

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This 8 X 10" on archival board oil painting is from a series, the first of which won the nationally acclaimed "ArtInPlace" competition and was reproduced into a 12 X 24' mural along a busy highway in Charlottesville, VA. Can't get enough of the Blue Ridge mountains, especially in the fall. This view is from Skyline Drive, looking towards the east around sunset in the fall. I've painted it four times now, and that's still not enough! This particular painting is more luminous than previous works, as the technique evolves.

"East Fall Blue Ridge 2" Twomey Painting Auction

The Dailypaintworks Auction for the following painting begins Saturday, March 22. Thank you for your interest.
East Fall Blue Ridge 2

I perched along Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park looking to the west, towards the Shenandoah Valley. Had my paints, easel and an outrageously gorgeous day to capture the fall colors. I loved the layers of mountains dissipating in the distance. And the colors! The blues next to the oranges - irresistible. This took longer than expected, I think because I didn't want the day to end.

Original oil, 6 X 4" on archival linen board, unframed.

This is how the painting would look, framed:

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