Out of Africa

on safari by Catherine Twomey
Zebra, Sabi Sands Game Reserve Safari
Back from weeks in Cape Town and two safaris in Sabi Sands and Timbavati game reserves near Kruger National Park. Just starting to get my rhythm back, and still somewhat jet lagged. What an experience.

Of course, I start with a horse's close relative, the zebra, and I met lots of them. And lions, leopards, hyenas, warthogs, elephants, Cape buffalo, wild dogs, baboons, and on and on. Never got to meet so many animals, in their world, with no barriers between us and them.

I tried to paint in the field, but that proved to be too challenging most of the time. Have tons of reference photos, however, so much more to come.

I've already started on a clay sculpture of a giraffe, and hope to continue in the sculptural vein for a while.

Catherine Twomey
Baby Camouflaged Giraffe

Thrilled for the chance to go, but SO MUCH more appreciative of what I have and what the USA is.

Africa Here I Come

Heading to Africa tomorrow, visiting Cape Town, Arathusa and Kings Camp Lodge(Kruger National Park) for a trip I've been waiting for my entire life - a definite bucket list item. Watercolors & cameras coming too. Oh, & the home turf is being guarded by a huge Vietnam vet, just in case; along with two highly trained attack dogs. Just sayin.

Chicago Bound

Taking a much needed break to sweet old home, Chicago tomorrow until next week. The fort is being held down by two attack dogs and two attack guys. 

Going to meet some new friends, and see some I've known for 40+ years. With my mother in hospice, it's time for reflection on the old home turf, seeing & hopping on my retired thoroughbred, hugging some good people, and basically getting off the grid. Well, maybe.

Just finished up this illustration of Retinopathy of Prematurity for the charitable African flip chart to be used by South African nurses in the field.

Medical illustration for African ocular project.

Can't wait to know when this project is being used in South Africa, in the Province of Kwazulu-Natal. Talk about feeling like I'm contributing some good to the world! It's a great feeling.

Keep drawing!