"Moxie As Human" Porcelain Sculpture

Porcelain sculpture by Twomey, Catherine
Moxie As Human
It's difficult to not think of my rescue dog Moxie as not human, so I decided to sculpt her as such. I see her as a sassy retro bouffant chic with attitude - like the ones I knew in high school that always knew where the bones were buried. And well she does. Approximately 10" tall, fired in porcelain. Moxie was rescued from a high kill shelter in North Carolina, and is lab, shepherd and chow. Maybe. 

And I have to mention - last week we had a black bear in the yard. Ms. Moxie ran right up to him and stood there barking in his face. Took him about one minute before he lumbered into the woods, happy to escape all the noise. Thanks, Mox.

"Moxie As A Human" Sculpture

Original Ceramic Sculpture Catherine Twomey
MOXIE As A Human
As I'm recovering from foot surgery, to keep from losing my mind I have finally finished up a sculpture done in the spring. 

The concept is somewhat bizarre, but that's alright. The day before she was to be killed at a high kill shelter in North Carolina, we rescued the sweetest, foxiest most adorable pup. We named her Moxie, and she's owned us ever since.

Moxie is as smart as they come. We think she's chow, shepherd and lab. I knew I had to incorporate that personality into my art. She just barked "sassy retro girl" and that's what she became, in clay. From the bun on her head to her flashy Egyptian tail, there's no messing with Moxie. She sits like that all the time, with that right-at-you stare that lets you know she's got you.

I think I'd like to work on more of these, it was that challenging.

Thank goodness for dogs.