Don't Steal My Work.

It's happened again, so I have a very good reason to post this: 

Do NOT Steal My Work.

It you were in a store and caught thefting, you would be arrested then sentenced. If I hired a plumber, or doctor, or pretty much anyone, I would have to pay them for their services or I would suffer the consequences.

Taking my registered, copyrighted artwork without my permission is the same thing. You are taking my hard earned money out of my pocket, and I will pursue you for that. 

To all of those who take the time to contact, license or purchase from me - thank you. Your integrity is greatly appreciated, as is YOUR hard earned cash.

The latest image stolen:


"Da Vinci Horse Piaffe" C. Twomey; ©2015 Catherine Twomey • All Rights Reserved

The fine: $2000.00

Want to license my work? Try this:


phone: 434-326-5671

Don't even try to tell me you couldn't find me.