Catherine Twomey, Naperville, Il.
Catherine Twomey

Art is my life. Painting provides a sense of peace and productivity that is unmatched. It is a wonderful way to connect with other people.

I honed my drawing and painting skills by practicing as a Certified Medical Illustrator. In that capacity, I won a long list of industry awards, from the RX Club to TED. However, the need to paint and create fine art became overwhelming. Learning everything I could about painting, I took workshops, clinics and painted every moment I could. Now over 10 years later, painting is my joy, my meditation and hopefully brings the same pleasure to everyone who sees it.

My blogs have been viewed by over 70,000 people worldwide, and I have over 2,000 followers on Facebook on Catherine Twomey Art. My work is in hundreds of collections around the world.

Each painting is carefully considered, sometimes in a series or in a similar approach to the subject matter. What's most important is that each painting is defined by the moment it is created. Whether it reflects a mood, or a moment, or something so beautiful it had to be painted; my soul goes into each stroke, color choice, composition and execution. Having studied Japanese Art for my Master's Thesis, I instinctively incorporate the Japanese respect for design, careful presentation and finishing, personally varnishing and packaging the work

One unexpected side effect of painting has been the number of terrific and wonderful fellow artists I've met. I've been able to work with Abbey Ryan for about five years now, both via her workshops in Sedona, AZ and thru her private mentoring. I've been able to mentor numerous people as well, enjoying and supporting their growth and blossoming as fine artists. Being an artist can be an isolating profession, but I've been very lucky to meet people who have changed how I work as well as how I think about life.

Additional recent news: 

I am a published author which means I have no excuse for bad writing or editing. Mea culpa. I'm not nearly as good a writer as my brother Steve, who won a Pulitzer Prize and has some books in the works. I do, however, try.

There have been great influencers throughout my life. My mother, who raised three children alone on a schoolteacher's salary. My brother Steve was a columnist for the Washington Post for 15 years, and his World War II book, "Countdown to Pearl Harbor - Twelve Days To The Attack" was recently published with terrific reviews in the New York Times, LA Times and Washington Post. My sister Ann, who is a delightful human resources manager and mother to my special nieces, Maddie and Blair. Cousin, writer and comedian Julia Sweeney from Saturday Night Live and many books, one-woman shows and screenplays. My sister-in-law Kathleen Carroll just retired from running the editorial side of the Associated Press, and is Chairperson of the Pulitzer Prize Award Board. All of these influencers have accomplished amazing things despite great adversity.

I have studied with some of the best artistic and scientific minds in the world: fellow medical illustrators. Leonardo da Vinci is considered the first medical illustrator, and his knowledge, technical abilities and deep curiosity are benchmarks for the field. As a Board Certified Medical Illustrator, I have had the privilege to know and learn directly from some of the most extraordinarily talented, smart and influential visionaries living today.

Fine art influencers include Georgia O'Keefe, da Vinci, Abbey Ryan, Rembrandt and Degas. I look to their struggles and triumphs, and their unflinching persistence. 

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