"Young Mountain Laurels" Original 6 X 8" oil Direct by C. Twomey

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"Young Mountain Laurels" Original 6 X 8" oil by C. Twomey

Enlargement of "Young Mountain Laurels" 

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Spring is irresistible. The light, warming, buds, birds - all for the taking. So I took.

I'm painting real things from my real life. This practice slows me down, is calming, creative and allows time to absorb the beauty in the world. Dog walks everyday put me in contact with places and things I wouldn't ordinarily pay much attention to, which is a very good thing. I'm selling my work on eBay because it's a trusted place for transactions like this, and because it offers everyone an equal opportunity to purchase my work.

The Artist

Art is my life. From the first art project I can remember (making a Christmas Nativity scene in grade school that overshadowed the resident artist) art has always been what brings me the greatest satisfaction. Without art, I am not who I am.

I work full time as a fine artist, a dream that I've pursued for as long as I remember. Landscapes engage and challenge me, and I have a very soft spot for animals.

My artwork has been featured at the world renowned TED (Technology, Education and Design) conference (TED MED in San Diego, on huge high definition screens throughout the exhibition center). I recently won the nationally acclaimed ArtInPlace competition in Virginia which placed a 12' X 24' mural on aluminum of my work, now seen by thousands of commuters daily. 

Two museums currently house my art: The William H. Benton Museum in Connecticut, and The LLoyd Museum in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was a great honor to be asked to exhibit and I continue to add to their collections. Speaking of collections, my work is a part of hundreds of private collections worldwide.

I have studied with some of the greatest artistic and scientific minds in the world: fellow medical illustrators. Leonardo da Vinci is considered the first medical illustrator, and his knowledge, technical abilities and deep curiosity are benchmarks for the field.

As a Board Certified Medical Illustrator, I have had the privilege to know and learn directly from some of the most extraordinarily talented, smart and influential visionaries living today.  Fine art influencers include Georgia O'Keefe, Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt and Degas. I look to their struggles and triumphs, and their unflinching persistence.
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"Sun Break Hill" by C. Twomey, At Auction Now!

Sitting across from this hill, I loved the almost perfectly rounded crest that was sun lit in front of dark low-hanging clouds. What a gorgeous view! The trees glowed from the light. This painting is unframed and is 6 X 8" on archival linen board.



Sun Break Hilll, 6 X 8" on archival linen board, by C. Twomey

Sun Break Hilll, 6 X 8" on archival linen board, by C. Twomey

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Donating Instead of Gifting: A Great Idea!

Donating Instead of Gifting: A Great Idea!

This year, instead of giving each other things we no longer need or want, my family has decided to donate to causes we believe in. 

This holiday season, I've donated to:


The American Brain Foundation


The Reporter's Committee for Freedom of the Press


Hope's Legacy Equine Rescue

Good causes, every one of them. And a huge thank you to those who have purchased my art so I could donate to Hopes Legacy Equine Rescue. It's nice to feel optimistic again about the world.


The Buyer: "I love it! It's exactly what I wanted" Horse print by C. Twomey

Print sold last night on saatchiart.com, "WTC: Walk, Trot and Canter, The Horse's Gaits Revealed" by C. Twomey ©2016.

"WTC: Walk, Trot and Canter the Horse's Gaits Revealed" by C. Twomey ©2016

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